Blog Post Bringing Together Lancaster’s Nonprofit Leaders

Bringing Together Lancaster’s Nonprofit Leaders



Bringing Together Lancaster’s Nonprofit Leaders

At coLAB, we’re passionate about getting the right people in the room to solve our community’s challenges. So starting the Nonprofit Solution Exchange to connect Lancaster’s nonprofit leaders was a natural fit. 
We launched the Nonprofit Solution Exchange (NSE) because we knew that by getting diverse leaders in a room, we could use our collective influence to promote community change. NSE is a go-to resource for public policy input, a voice defining the significant value of Community Benefit Organizations and a network of leaders sharing knowledge and supporting each other in individual and organizational excellence. 
“For me, the initial benefit was to connect with other nonprofit chief executives for support and guidance in the various aspects of nonprofit management,” said Cheryl Heister, executive director of The Literacy Council of Lancaster-Lebanon. “The personal connection is important and having a network of peers who I can contact with questions and advice is invaluable.” 
“As my involvement in the Exchange grew, I saw the potential to have real impact in our community. Our collective voice has more power. Each member brings a network of partners and assets that we can contribute to our sector.” 
Join us in our work of advocating, connecting, educating and supporting. The Nonprofit Solution Exchange meets on the third Thursday of each month at 8:30 AM and is managed by coLAB. Membership dues are $250/year for an organization, and include a 65% discount on PANO membership and products, 20% discount on Leadership Lancaster and 20% discount on Nonprofit Resource Network classes. 
For more information and to apply, click here.

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