The people you serve need you. Will your non profit be there for them next year? Sustainability planning helps ensure the answer is “Yes!”

coLAB collaborates with your team to identify the challenges that could prevent your nonprofit from fulfilling its long-­term vision. We’ll work closely with your key stakeholders to create a 360-­degree view that considers everything from human resources to board engagement to financial management. Then we’ll identify the opportunities and priorities with the potential to build your nonprofit’s strength and resilience. The result? You can move forward efficiently and strategically.

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Our mission is helping your non profit achieve its vision. Whether you need to gain traction, build on momentum, or adapt to a shifting environment, the strategic plan is the roadmap that ensures your non profit fulfills its vision, fueled by the values established in your mission statement. coLAB will become an extension of your team, building a strategic plan that focuses on opportunity and possibility.

Our nonprofit strategic planning process starts by creating a 360-­degree, data driven view of your organization that incorporates feedback from all stakeholders, including the volunteers who sweat in the sun, the board members who hash out policy, and the community members you work tirelessly to serve.

coLAB will use that information to facilitate a strategic planning process that supports your mission in an efficient, effective way. We’ll collaborate with board members and key staff, through fun and engaging meetings or retreats, to review feedback, identify mission creep, develop strategic priorities, and create an actionable plan that makes sense.

Contact coLAB if you need to establish a strategic plan to revitalize a board that’s lost its mission.

Fundraising Mentorship & Coaching

Money matters to nonprofits—and fundraising challenges are among the biggest barriers to a nonprofit’s ability to serve its target population. coLAB will help you serve the community by empowering your staff to raise funds. We’ll collaborate to evaluate and pinpoint the most effective fundraising tactics for your nonprofit, from mailed letter campaigns to online crowdfunding campaigns.

coLAB’s fundraising mentorship services include:

  • Fundraising training & coaching
  • Donor development
  • Campaign planning
  • Fundraising event planning

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Project Management

Managing a project can be a challenge, especially when an organization is missing critical internal resources. coLAB makes sure your nonprofit projects don’t fall off the radar. Many organizations partner and collaborate with each other to leverage resources, and we’re able to facilitate that process as well. coLAB will identify project needs, create steps to meet those needs, and then follow up to ensure completion.

We can manage any project, including:

  • Nonprofit & social enterprise startups
  • Fundraising events
  • Rebranding
  • Information collection to guide decision­making
  • Staff training & development
  • Partnerships between organizations

Let coLAB put its nonprofit know-­how and organizational skills to work for you. Contact coLAB to learn how we’ll manage your project efficiently, effectively, and affordably.

Meeting Facilitation

Do your board’s meetings meander? Perhaps you need a third­party to move the agenda forward? Maybe you lack the resources to convene critical meetings?

coLAB delivers a range of convening and facilitating services for Lancaster nonprofits and collaborative committees. We leverage expertise in group processes and dynamics to guide attendees through productive, efficient meetings. What’s more, we offer experience in consensus building and conflict resolution.

Our facilitation services include:

  • Planning & coordinating meetings
  • Collecting RSVPs
  • Distributing the agenda & other relevant materials
  • Hosting meetings
  • Facilitating meetings
  • Overseeing meeting organization
  • Staff and leadership retreats
  • Auditing meeting efficiency

Take control of meetings so you can focus on the outcomes. Get in touch with coLAB to find out how she’ll make meeting organization and facilitation an efficient, hassle­-free experience.

Additional Services for Non Profits

How else can we help you? coLAB offers additional services to Lancaster-area community benefit organizations. If you’re interested in feasibility studies, outcome measurements, nonprofit training or presentations, or other services, contact coLAB.

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