Project Management

Managing a project can be a challenge, especially when an organization is missing critical internal resources. coLAB makes sure your nonprofit projects don’t fall off the radar. Many organizations partner and collaborate with each other to leverage resources, and we’re able to facilitate that process as well. coLAB will identify project needs, create steps to meet those needs, and then follow up to ensure completion.

We can manage any project, including:

  • Nonprofit & social enterprise startups
  • Fundraising events
  • Rebranding
  • Information collection to guide decision­making
  • Staff training & development
  • Partnerships between organizations
“We have a project that requires a ton of innovation and creativity. Kate’s ability to keep everyone grounded, organized, and focused, and by pulling all the details together- keeps everyone on task.” – Dr. Steven Herr, PhD | CEO of Advanced Metrics

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