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The Expansion Years



The Expansion Years

Hello! In case you’re just waking up from the 2-year ‘nap’ between our last blog post and this one, know you’re not alone. We too are in that post-snooze haze, where time seems to bend and stretch. So much seems to have happened since our last blog post in April 2016; coLAB has seen what some might call a “teenage growth spurt”—a couple of aches and pains, and a LOT of exciting new strength, size, and drive.

Over the last two years, we’ve been fortunate to grow the company in many ways, most notably: two new full-time team members; regional growth ballooning out from Lancaster central; and a CEO-in-training named Maeva Gallagher. If you haven’t had the pleasure of working with these ladies, yet, here’s a peek inside the growing skillset and service offerings of the coLAB Team.

Meet Courtney Rinden (pictured right).

This fiery F&M graduate brings capability, style, and passion to the coLAB Team. With expertise in data-driven economic development as a means to improve community wellbeing, Courtney spearheads initiatives like the B Corp certification of our entire business! She is an avid believer that business can be a force for positive change and won’t let anything stop her until she changes the world. Boy, are we lucky to have this powerhouse on the team, so far from her roots in Orange County, California.

Meet Caitlyn Bordon (pictured left).

Since July of 2017, Caitlyn has come onboard the coLAB team, supporting the many varied projects always capturing our hearts. Her steady presence keeps the coLAB Team grounded, in order to keep reaching for the stars, of course. As our resident Millersville Alum and alt-millenial, Caitlyn’s drive leads to elevating the many mission-driven organizations that improve the quality of life and community in Lancaster city, surrounding communities, and even overseas. We’re glad this lady picked Lancaster to call home, after her many days of wanderlusting.

Lastly, meet our new friend #RegionalGrowth.

Our Team often says, “Be careful what you put out to the universe”—because we have experienced the wonder of growth that’s possible when we speak ideas into life. We’re not exempt from the need for a strategic plan, and one goal we identified in our 2017-2018 Strategic Plan is to grow coLAB’s capacity to support organizations throughout the region, including broader South Central PA, Western PA, Philadelphia, and Maryland. We’re thrilled to be seeing this venture through to fruition so rapidly; 2018 to date has been full of geographic expansion that keeps our wheels on the highways and our coffee cups filled.

Stay tuned for future blogs about how coLAB is growing to elevate your mission driven work. For more adventures of the coLAB Team, follow us on Social Media! We love to keep you posted about our ventures and the organizations who inspire us.



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